Takeover & Sales Depot

Buying CASH

Global Luxury is specialized in the purchase and sale of luxury products.

Our store in Geneva offers you the opportunity to buy back all luxury watches, vintage wines and luxury leather goods, new or in perfect condition only.

We strive to make you an offer as fair as possible in relation to the market price.

We pay cash the same day.


Sales deposits

We offer our customers the opportunity to sell their jewellery or watches with us.

Our watchmaker will give you his expertise to accurately evaluate the resale price of the object in relation to its condition and its price on the second-hand market.

The duration of the filing is fixed by you as well as the minimum price limit not to be exceeded.

A deposit contract is established certifying that the item is currently for sale in our store and well covered by our insurance.

Exhibitions and openings are regularly organized in the Boutique, particularly with local artists. These events allow you to expose your objects to a new clientele.