Repairs & Transformations


Your watches and jewellery deserve special attention.

Do you want to restore the brilliance of your diamonds?
Have your bracelets, earrings or pendants become dull?
A diamond or gemstone from your necklace, ring or ornament has fallen or even disappeared?
Your watch has stopped? Is it scratched, damaged?
Does your leather or metal bracelet need to be cleaned or changed?

Entrust us with your objects in order to give them back their lustre and let us restore them to perfect working order.



The transformation consists in taking all the elements that make up your jewelry: precious metal, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones and creating a new jewel.

Many customers ask us to transform their jewellery and create new or classic creations.

Our jewellery workshop proposes projects in 3 dimensions so that they correspond as well as possible to the desired transformation.